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Let Us Help You Reach YOUR Goals!

We offer mentorship through wholesaling, investing, & house-flipping real estate.

Meet Darryl of Blackstone & Crewe Properties LLC




Growing up in the amazing City of Baltimore, Maryland, my parents were extremely hard workers. Their sacrificing drive instilled in me my hustle, grind, and integrity. These were the foundational pieces that made me to be the person that I am today. These components not only help myself, but also help those around me.


It was important to me to extend a hand of unity and  support in order to better my community. With these foundational pieces and components, Blackstone and Crewe Properties, LLC was formed. We hold ourselves to be accountable to, not only answer the call, but to provide a solution by helping those who want to make their dreams a reality! Blackstone & Crewe Properties LLC is here! 

Let's Get It DONE!

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About Us

Welcome to Blackstone & Crewe Properties LLC

The instacart of real estate here at the stone. We help you energize the greatness of your legacy that is already in you and reignite your purpose and destiny with real estate. Whether you come from well-off means or humble beginnings like myself, we want to connect you with your why and become a passenger in your drive to achieving your real estate. 

It would be an honor to have you here at Blackstone & Crewe. 

Why Work With Us?


We will guide you every step of the way


Our systems have proven to work


You will have full-time support

Wholesaler Investor Training Series & Mentorship Program

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Our dynamic Wholesale Investor Training Series and Mentoring Programs are designed to teach you how to become an Investor and create a future brighter than you can imagine.


Wholesale Investor Training Series This outstanding training program covers all the information you need to begin your wholesaling journey. The training is taught in a series of courses that go through the major areas of wholesaling from prospecting to closing the deal.


Mentoring Program Individuals enrolled in the mentoring program gain access to all that the Investment Training offer PLUS one-to-one training sessions with seasoned Investors with over 20 years of experience.


New investors

The training is ideal for:


Career change

Financial freedom

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"He who said money cannot buy happiness hasn't given enough away."

 - unknown

Some things you will learn working with us:

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1829 Reisterstown Rd. Suite 350
Baltimore, MD 21208



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